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Welcome to The Conscious Conservative Movement

Founded by Coach Felecia of The Felecia Killings Foundation

We're Empowering a New Breed of Conservatives Focused on Kingdom Principles, Community Outreach, Economic Advancement & Effective Evangelism of Authentic Conservatism

"The essence of conscious conservatism is to demonstrate how moral conservatism empowers us to create social, political, and economic empires. When each person functions in his or her respective greatness, excellence becomes the norm." 

- Felecia Killings

About Our Movement, Media Network & Online Academy

Founded in 2019, the Conscious Conservative Movement has quickly grown into the premiere powerhouse that brings authentic conservatism to Black communities nationwide.

Using the online and offline space, our Movement has provided an empowering outreach system that bridges the racial gap between Conservatives and Black Americans. 

Since its launch, our Founder's message has impacted millions online by proving how Kingdom laws and principles can be injected in our social, political, and economic spaces.

Today, the Conscious Conservative Movement includes a lineup of powerful content creators, authors, podcasters, influencers, and political candidates.

Our Media Network provides our members daily content that helps them better understand conservative principles, authentic Black History, and strategies for effective outreach.

And with the addition of our new online Academy, we now provide premium members lifetime access to our LIVE virtual workshops and online courses.

The Philosophy of Conscious Conservatism

Conscious Conservatism is based on the belief that spiritual laws and principles guide our human behavior and interaction. As humans, we conserve these truths and implement these values in culture, society, and politics. 

Conscious Conservatives use our words to tear down godless ideologies that rise up against our spiritual, conservative values; and then we seek to build and plant again in our communities so people thrive.

Conscious Conservatives empower. Even when we point out problems in our communities, we immediately present viable solutions WITH the people so we each prosper. We do so because we understand spiritual laws, which is higher-level thinking. 

Simply put: Conscious Conservatism is an ideology based on moral conservative principles that focus on empowerment and progress in politics, culture, and society.

The Pillars & Partners of Our Movement

The Conscious Conservative Movement is grounded in 10 spiritual laws and principles:

  1. The Law of Love

  2. The Law of Mercy and Grace

  3. The Law of Reconciliation

  4. The Law of Truth and Justice

  5. The Law of Faith

  6. The Law of Attraction

  7. The Law of Action

  8. The Law of Thanksgiving

  9. The Law of Forgiveness

  10. The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Members of the Conscious Conservative Movement strive to apply these laws in our lives and towards the people we are called to serve. In doing so, we will see the greatest revival and reformation in our homes, churches, communities, and nation.

Since 2019, we've grown in strength by partnering with other empowering leaders and their movements. Their on-the-ground work and consistent online teachings prove how authentic conservative values can positively impact local communities.

Our partners include:

In addition, our Movement is connected to dozens of community leaders, Conservative candidates, governing officials, ministry leaders, and more!

Leaders Within Our Movement

Felecia is the Visionary, Brain Power and CEO of The Conscious Conservative Movement. She's an Award-Winning Coach and the author of the groundbreaking work, The Conscious Conservative Book Collection.

Since launching The Felecia Killings Foundation and the Conscious Conservative Movement, her platform has reached millions with a Kingdom message of building social, political, and economic empires in this new decade.

Felecia is also the Host of the Conscious Conservative Movement's annual event, The Great Debate, premiering Spring 2022. This historic occasion brings the sharpest political minds together to battle the ideas in front of Black voters nationwide.

She is also the Host of "My Beloved Women's Ministry" and "KillingsVille Communal Living," two podcasts and support channels inside the Network, designed exclusively for women and single mothers.

In addition, Felecia delivers advanced consultation services as a Communications Strategist to Conservative Candidates desiring to reach Black voters' hearts. In 2020, her Twitter Class content helped empower Trump's Black Outreach with strategies for winning more Black male votes. The results: an increase of Black male voter turnout for a Republican candidate, which left Progressive Democrats baffled.

Every Monday - Friday, members receive an empowering newsletter containing a new lesson from the Beloved Mailing List.

"Felecia Killings is a dynamic motivational speaker and evangelist for the principles of Conscious Conservatism. She is also brutal about holding Conservatism’s feet to the fire when Conscious Conservative principles, rather than the typical talking points or pandering, win the argument." 

- Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

Nicole Pinkston is a former sergeant of the U.S. Army and now serves as our Media Director and Speaking Tour Manager. She's a podcaster and content creator.

In addition, she's one of the Network Professors, delivering monthly LIVE training within "The Fifteen 20 Rise Virtual Workshop," hosted exclusively inside the CCM Academy.

Lastly, Nicole is the Host of our newest broadcast, "Conscious Conservative TV," airing every Thursday at 7:00PM EST inside the Network.

Greg Bulla serves as one of our top writers and storytellers. Members of his channel, "From Where I Stand," can read stories that express the intersection between community and the individual.

Donique Rolle is an African-American History teacher. Within our Movement, she serves as one of our Network Professors and hosts the thriving online workshop, CCM Academy: Conscious Black Conservatism.

Guest Contributors

The Vision and Mission of Our Movement, Media Network & Academy

Our vision is to be the premier communications conglomerate, delivering empowering stories, life-changing lessons, tangible solutions, and authentic history to our members.

Our mission is to prove how implementing new ideas based on Kingdom principles will transform the way we build social, political, and economic empires.

Whatever goals we seek to achieve as the next generation of leaders, we will see them manifested. Through our daily blog posts, podcasts, virtual Bible studies, online courses and workshops, our members will be equipped to win.

What You Will Experience as a Lifetime Member

Within the Conservative space, there is a significant gap between Conservatives and what they understand regarding Black Americans. For decades, political punditis and influencers have used their platforms to pit the base against fellow American citizens. 

From "Lost Cause" history to talking points rooted in stereotypes, Conservatives have missed significant opportunities to make allies with Black voters because they were fed lies.

As such, the Conscious Conservative Movement fills the void by providing an educational, community-based platform that delivers authentic history, leadership development, results-oriented strategies and more to our members.

As a lifetime member, you will experience empowerment, knowledge of authentic conservatism and history, methods for effective outreach in urban communities, and a network that is directly connected to today's Conscious Conservative leaders.

In addition, members of our Network receive:

  1. Lifetime access to our Network Channels, hosted by our Content Creators

  2. Membership discounts to attend our offline events 

  3. Membership discounts to enroll in various courses inside our CCM Online Academy

  4. Communal support that will help you engage with fellow Americans who believe in authentic conservatism

Here's How You Can Become a Member Today!

  1. Tap the yellow "Join" button above.
  2. Complete the steps for filling out your Network profile. You will receive membership access immediately.
  3. Join one or more of our Network Channels for FREE. Our content creators and guest contributors have amazing materials to share with you.
  4. Become a Beloved Sponsor, and help us grant access to new members like you at no upfront cost to them. Your $25 or more donation expands our work nationwide.
  5. Enroll in our premium Online Academy courses, ranging from $50 - $500. Each course is held exclusively inside our Network, and once you pay your tuition, you maintain lifetime access to our empowering lessons.
  6. Purchase copies of our best-selling books from the Conscious Conservative Book Collection, published exclusively through The Felecia Killings Foundation. Each resource will help you better understand the philosophy, how we effectively outreach, and how to win on the battlefield of ideas.
  7. Order your official Conscious Conservative t-shirt, available exclusively at The Felecia Killings Foundation.
  8. Become a rising leader in the Movement. Whether you have a gift to write, speak, teach, coach, or gather, we want you to see yourself as an integral part in this Kingdom work.

Once again, welcome! We look forward to empowering you for greatness in this next round.

See What Beloveds Have to Say About Our Movement & Ministry

"I have been encouraged by the conversations. I look forward to watching the Concious Black Conservative Movement expand. There is certainly a need for Black Americans, who are largely Conservative, to be represented in both parties so policies can be debated. We have powerhouses in the Democrat Party. We need powerhouses in the Republican Party who intimately understand the needs of our communities, along all socio-economic levels, who can represent our community without losing their cultural identity. The Concious Black Conservatives and the Hoteps continue to demonstrate their ability to stand in that truth. If you stay true to your vision you will successfully open eyes and create an opening for listening and bring along like minded people. There are major pushes and pulls underway between young Progressive AA and young Conservative AA who want the same thing with different perspectives on how to get there. These ideas must be debated and then equally applied. The challenge will be garnering trust that they will be equally applied (e.g Voter Suppression)." 

- Anonymous Beloved Giver

"Love what this organization is doing. Grass roots. I pray it flies! This is so needed."

- Anne Raczkowski

"Happy to support this powerful movement! I have learned so much from you!"

- Asia R

"Sending you prayers for success as you work for our people regardless of political affiliation. Sincerely, A Democratic Supporter."

- Anonymous Beloved Giver

"As a middle-aged, white, female, conservative who loves Jesus, I think what you are doing is absolutely awesome! I think I'm finally beginning to get the so-called conservative/Republican outreach to the black community is failing. Would love to help in other ways with outreach to the black community, if you will have me. I know I can at least donate."

- Anonymous Beloved Giver

"Felecia, I am so inspired by the work you do. The partnership with King Randall is awesome. Hopefully that link can work and would be a tremendous support for the young men. God is good and his movements are amazing. I am in the process of moving so am not active. I hope when I get settled in my home I am able to do something locally to help my people. Thank you for letting the Lord lead you."

- Anonymous Beloved Giver

"Never let anyone or anything from stop you what you’re doing in the lives of others. Continue to be a blessing to those who need words of encouragement spoken into their life. Many blessings to you and your ministry."

- Anonymous Beloved Giver

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