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Welcome to The Conscious Conservative Media Network

A Branch of The Felecia Killings Foundation

We're Empowering a New Breed of Conscious Conservatives Focused on Kingdom Principles, Community Outreach, Economic Advancement & Effective Evangelism of Authentic Conservatism

"The essence of conscious conservatism is to demonstrate how moral conservatism empowers us to create social, political, and economic empires. When each person functions in his or her respective greatness, excellence becomes the norm." 

- Felecia Killings

About Our Work

The Conscious Conservative Media Network is the official online community for our nationally-recognized Conscious Conservative Movement.

Founded in 2019 by Award-Winning Coach and Conscious Black Conservative Activist, Felecia Killings, our mission is to be the largest communications conglomerate that bridges the gap between Conservatives and Black communities.

Each week, our Content Creators deliver lessons, stories, commentary, and expertise that help our members build social, political, and economic empires as individuals and community members.

In addition, our mission is to empower our members to effectively evangelize authentic conservatism in communities battling progressivism. 

By presenting a more viable political option to citizens, we will see conservatism remain the dominant ideology in our country.

Learn more about our Movement and Kingdom Message today.

Our Philosophy

Conscious Conservatism is based on the belief that spiritual laws and principles guide our human behavior and interaction. As humans, we conserve these truths and implement these values in culture, society, and politics. 

Conscious Conservatives use our words to tear down godless ideologies that rise up against our spiritual, conservative values; and then we seek to build and plant again in our communities so people thrive.

Conscious Conservatives empower. Even when we point out problems in our communities, we immediately present viable solutions WITH the people so we each prosper. We do so because we understand spiritual laws, which is higher-level thinking. 

Simply put: Conscious Conservatism is an ideology based on moral conservative principles that focus on empowerment and progress in politics, culture, and society.

Our Movement, Its Pillars & Our Features

Since 2019, the Conscious Conservative message has spread wildly on Twitter. Our social media activism has bridged the gap between White and Black Americans; and we grew in strength by partnering with other empowering movements in the authentic conservative space.

These empowering movements include:

Our Movement is connected to dozens of voices who spread the empowering message via media outlets that reach millions, including (but not limited to):

  1. Sonnie Johnson of Sonnie's Corner
  2. Kira Davis of Red State
  3. Jeff Charles of Red State
  4. Wayne Dupree of The Wayne Dupree Show
  5. Shermichael Singleton, Republican Strategist and Political Commentator for various outlets

Lastly, we share a connection with community activists, ministry leaders, business men and women, and many more.

The Conscious Conservative Movement is founded on 10 pillars:

  1. The Law of Love
  2. The Law of Mercy and Grace

  3. Law of Reconciliation

  4. The Law of Truth and Justice

  5. The Law of Faith

  6. The Law of Attraction

  7. The Law of Action

  8. The Law of Thanksgiving

  9. The Law of Forgiveness

  10. The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Members of the Conscious Conservative Movement strive to apply these laws in our lives and towards the people we are called to serve. In doing so, we will see the greatest revival and reformation in our homes, churches, communities, and nation.

As a Member of Our Media Network

  1. You will receive lifetime access to our Network Channels and Content Creators.
  2. You will receive exclusive invites to attend our events (My Beloved Women's Conference, The Great Debate) and that of our partners (the Solutionary Summit).
  3. You will receive communal support that will help you engage with fellow Americans who believe in authentic conservatism.
  4. You will receive exclusive invites to join our weekly CCMedia Zooms, hosted by Coach Felecia Killings.
  5. You will receive educational resources that help you evangelize the authentic message to your community, run for local office, or build a platform based on the values.

Our Network Channels from Our Fire Content Creators

My Beloved Weekly w/ Coach Felecia Killings

A podcast and blog dedicated to empowering Conscious Conservatives with tools for evangelizing the authentic conservative message

Breaking Conservatarian w/ Jeff Charles

A podcast dedicated to delivering conservative and libertarian commentary on the news of the day

Conscious Constitutionalism w/ Roderick Threats

A podcast dedicated to helping Conscious Conservatives better understand and evangelize our constitutional rights

Mrs_Pinky Thoughts w/ Nicole Pinkston

A podcast dedicated to logical discussions focused on conservatism and bringing the patriot out in you

Blue Collar Intellectual w/ Julian Acciard

A podcast dedicated to acquiring knowledge to defend your principles

From Where I Stand w/ Greg Bulla

A blog dedicated to sharing thoughts as seen from the intersection of individual and community

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Here's How to Join Our Media Network

  1. Tap the "Request to Join" button.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Complete the application form that appears next, which asks you 5 questions about yourself and your desire to join.
  4. Submit your application.
  5. Upon review, your request will be accepted based on your responses. 

Please note: Our Hosts and Moderators reserve the right to reject requests if we believe your responses do not align with our Movement's vision and mission.

New Members Can Join for FREE, Thanks to Our Beloved Sponsors

Our sponsors recognize the value we bring to the general conservative movement. As such, they have financially contributed to our Media Network via our Movement's Initiative, which enables us to grant new members immediate access at no upfront costs to them.

We send special blessings to the following organizations and individuals for their sponsorships:

  1. The Felecia Killings Foundation
  2. LibreTV
  3. Twitter Class Beloveds

Our 2021 Conscious Conservative Movement Fundraising Initiative

This year, we are building upon the profound work we accomplished this last round. Our next goals include spreading Conscious Conservatism into Black communities, starting with Atlanta, GA.

We want Black voters to see they have political options that will protect their growing economics without the threat of progressivism choking their future Black Wealth in this coming round.

Recently reported, President Biden's economic plan will surely affect the rising wealth within Black Communities, who want to improve their own areas absent government interference. According to Axios, "Biden is going to attempt to chart an economic policy that's visibly to the left of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. If he succeeds, it's going to show up not only in taxes and spending, but also in regulation" (Source).

Just as Conservatives do not want their values trampled by oppressive legislation that prevents them from exercising their rights, young Black Americans don't want socialism or progressivism stifling their efforts to increase their economics.

We want to bridge that gap, and we will make this possible by being the communications conglomerate that connects Black Voters to Conservative politics.

As a Beloved Sponsor for This 2021 Initiative, Funds will Immediately Go to Work via the Following:

  1. Monthly Stipends for Our Evangelism & Communications Team of 10
  2. Granting 10,000 Black Americans Membership into the Conscious Conservative Media Network at No Charge to Them
  3. Training Conscious Conservatives for The Great Debate, Spring 2022

This initiative will also enable us to promote our first annual, The Great Debate, where Black voters get to hear the political ideologies on one stage in Atlanta, GA during mid-term election campaigns. This will be the time for authentic Black Conservative Voices, Black Republicans, and Conscious Conservatives to PROVE why Black voters can flex Dual Domination while allying with Conservatives in this next round.

Learn More about our Initiative and Give today!

We are ready to bring the Conscious Conservative message to the masses.

Making allies with Black voters in this next round is the #1 solution for maximum expansion based on authentic conservatism.

And with your contributions, we will make this happen, starting now!

Order Your Official Conscious Conservative T-Shirt

Men's Sizes Available Here!

All shirts are hand-printed and will be delivered within 7-10 business days.

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All shirts are hand-printed and will be delivered within 7-10 business days.

Purchase Our Official Book Collection

Available NOW! 

The entire Conscious Conservative Book Collection from Award-Winning Coach and Founder of the Conscious Conservative Movement, Felecia Killings.

Order today and receive 3 print books for the price of 2:

To My Beloved: A Memoir of My Personal Comeback in the Aftermath of My Scandalous Story

There is a story that seems true when the first person speaks, but when the other side is presented, it changes the game (Proverbs 18:17, paraphrased). After nearly 10 years of silence, I finally share my story of how YahWeh delivered me from my criminal case, and helped me launch a virtual ministry that reaches millions today.

The Fifteen 20 Rise: Helping Conscious Conservatives Reach More Black Voters with Their God-Focused Message

In this empowering book, you will learn about:

  1. The Institution of Slavery: A Biblical Perspective
  2. Slavery in the United States: It Wasn't Just a White Thing
  3. The Conscious Fight Against Slavery
  4. The Reconstruction Era and the Rise of Jim Crowism
  5. Conservatism Among Black Americans During the Civil Rights Era
  6. The 3 Movements Sweeping Social Media and Why Conservatives Should Pay Attention
  7. The Fifteen 20 Rise Formula: How Conscious Conservatives Can Effectively Evangelize Their God-Focused Message

Conscious Black Conservatism: Building Social, Political, and Economic Empires Based on Kingdom Principles

Conscious Black Conservatism is based on the belief that spiritual laws and principles guide our human behavior and interaction. As humans, we conserve these truths and implement these values in culture, society, and politics. While we are similar to other Conservatives in our general philosophical views, Conscious Black Conservatives demonstrate how conservatism manifests through the lived, unique experiences of Black Americans, past and present.

Order Today! Your e-books will be sent to your inbox immediately. If you order print books, they will be shipped to your home within 7-10 business days.

Coming September 2021, Exclusively for The Solutionary Summit

Progressivism is NOT Charity: The Rise of the New Black Wall Street and Big Government's Attempt to Crush It (Again)

In this new decade, Black Americans are building wealth using the new industries and markets available to them. 

From rising tech businesses to online ministries to real estate ventures, Black Millennials are discovering how much easier it is to generate wealth in this hour.

But despite these economic strides, Big Government via Progressivism promises to take more of their wealth via heavy taxation and regulations.

They disguise these political efforts as "charity" initiatives for poorer communities, when in fact, economically raping Black Wealth is historically embedded in progressive politics.

In Felecia's fire-breaking book, she analyzes the historical context surrounding Progressivism and demonstrates why Conscious Conservatism is the best solution for protecting rising Black Wall Streets. 

As more wealth remains localized in their communities, Black Americans can determine what's best for them without government's interference, which has proven incapable of solving problems.

In the words of our Kindred Fire, Sonnie Johnson: It's "wealth vs. poverty ... SIMPLE!"

Felecia's 4th book in the Conscious Conservative Collection will deliver the history, the current case studies, and the compelling arguments that persuade more Black Americans to vote for conservative politics as a safeguard to their rising Black Wealth.

Pre-orders Available July 15, 2021 Along with Our Matching T-shirts

Proceeds go towards funding the Conscious Conservative Movement in this next round.

About Our Founder, CEO & Chief Content Creator

Felecia Killings is an Author, Award-Winning Coach, Motivational Speaker, Book Publishing Specialist, and Communications Consultant for Conservative Black Outreach. Since 2011, she has worked with new and aspiring authors, helping them bring their stories and expertise to the world. As a Communications Consultant for Conservative Black Outreach, Felecia trains leaders and Conservatives to evangelize the authentic Conservative message effectively in various communities.

Felecia is the Founder and Visionary of The Conscious Conservative Movement. Our mission is to help Beloveds build social, political, and economic empires based on Kingdom principles.

Felecia is also the Founder of My Beloved Women's Ministry. Her mission is to deliver advanced teachings related to Kingdom principles, book publishing, and building national platforms in this new decade. Her empowering lessons will show women how to bring their God-focused message to millions each year.

By focusing on spiritual laws and principles, Felecia demonstrates how we will see life-changing results in our homes, communities, and nation.

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